HAUNTED HENDO Is Coming!! Print Version of Teach. Write. Is Here!

Haunted Hendo Premieres October 28 at 7 PM

COVID-19 can’t keep a good theater department down! At my college, the intrepid head of the department managed to produce nine short films for the Halloween season, coming to YouTube for your viewing pleasure this Thursday, October 28. The films are intended to celebrate mountain mysteries and local lore, including the Siren of the French Broad, a ghostly presence at the Hendersonville Historic Court House, the legend of the Boojum (an Appalachian version of Sasquatch) and more!

The films, featuring a variety of genres like horror, suspense, comedy, music video, documentary, and musical, are the end product of many hours of hard work by over 50 cast and crew, including not only faculty and students, but also alumni and community members as well as professional actors and filmmakers.

I was happy to contribute by writing two scripts for the anthology and directing one. It was great fun and a wonderful, engaging experience for everyone involved, especially the students.

The films will premiere at 7:00pm Eastern Time at the BRCC Theatre Channel

Hope you will join us for some Halloween fun.

It took me a while, but I finally found time between getting my second eight-week classes going and all of the grading. My Lord, the grading, to make the print version of Teach. Write. You can find it by clicking here.

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